Commercial Refrigeration

Air Right Technologies is committed to helping our customers, whether their heating or cooling systems are for their personal homes or for their business. We can help make sure that you can keep your food, drinks, or other products cool and fresh for as long as you need to store them! Contact us today to discuss your refrigeration needs and we’ll give you our expert opinion on the solution that will best fit your needs.

Commercial refrigeration gives you the ability to keep both prepared foods and meal ingredients cold through a process that removes heat for convenience and safety purposes.

Commercial refrigeration equipment is typically used for refrigeration procedure in food and beverage industry, but can also be used for a variety of other purposes. It is used for food storage and merchandising purposes by the food wholesale industry, such as supermarkets, specialty food stores, grocery stores, and convenience stores. can also be used in restaurants and cafeterias.

Is Commercial Refrigeration Right For You?

A commercial refrigerator is a free-standing part of the equipment that gives cold storage for a commercial kitchen. We offer a variety of different commercial refrigerations options, and we can help you find the best setup for your home or business.

Products that can be utilized in commercial refrigeration:

  • Transportation refrigeration systems
  • Reach-in refrigerators and freezers
  • Walk-in refrigerators and freezers
  • Beverage refrigeration equipment
  • Bar refrigeration
  • Refrigerated merchandisers
  • Display cases
  • Ice machines
  • Liquid chillers

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